Results are James' greatest credentials.

“A blockage got released! The feelings of anxiety disappeared and got replaced with joy. Tranquility became a permanent part of me! I’ve been  challenged with smoking for years and have now miraculously stopped.”  Lilian A. – Montrose, CA

“Everything  just started happening for me. After two sessions I knew exactly what  steps to take to start my career, and I was moved to make very potent  decisions to get there. I went from feeling scared and stuck to receiving exciting opportunities from all directions.” Lindsay –  Brooklyn, NY

“James  Allen’s techniques are simple, yet powerful tools to bring to your daily life. In my experience, they serve the dual function of bringing relaxation and energy all at the same time. What more could you ask for? I highly recommend this work.” Shaeri Richards – Sedona,  AZ

“After 20  sessions with James, I returned to the lab for medical testing and my breast cancer was completely gone- the doctors were amazed. It’s what I  asked for and what I got. I now feel joy in my life.” Julie, age 47 –  Tucson, AZ

“His  work is mystical yet practical, powerfully humbling and empowering. If  you want to go deep into your personal healing and want miracles to  unfold, work with James NOW!” Aparna K. – Santa Barbara, CA

“At  the most Divine time, my session with James transformed a huge obstacle in my life and possibly lifetimes. Guides come in all forms. Thank you  for your spiritual guidance and light James Allen.” Maria C. – Ojai, CA

“Thank  you for today’s powerful session. I got answers to so many of my parenting fears and I am so grateful to finally know about myself. Thank you for being there for me. ” Armineh – Glendale, CA

“I  am surprised at the strength, health and peace I found within myself after starting our sessions… I have so much clarity now.” Bill –  Phoenix, AZ

“James is an amazing source of energy and light, a true healer and a gift to me. His healing made me feel instantaneously nurtured and cared for.”  C.W. – San Fransisco, CA

“I  now see my children in a different light and as a result, I relate to them differently and they in turn respond more positively. Thank you James.”  A. D. – Montrose, CA

“After 5 sessions I see quite some changes with my son’s behavior at school and at home. He has been getting outstanding performance at school for the past two weeks by his teacher. He is doing his homework on his own, helping me at home, and is very nice to his sister : )  Now, he is more calm and sharing.”  Karmen – Glendale, CA

“Thanks to James my husband and I finally have a more successful method that will get us permanent results with our son rather than the other methods  like the “reward system” which were just temporary fixes!” – Cecile,  Culver City, CA

“After every session I have with James I experience a noticeable shift in myself …I see more clearly and handle things in a much better way.”  Anjela D. – Altadena, CA

“It must be more accessible – the word needs to get out. Live sessions with James are great.” Lori U – Madison, WI

 “The energy in our household has become much lighter that allows love and growth to prosper. James’ energy is so positive and light. He shines through as a true inspiration.”  Kevin – Glendale, CA 

“James Allen has been able to unlock our child’s innermost being and allow her to grow on many levels  in a very short period of time. Through his program, healthy living and self-discovery process, she now is achieving and is positive about her future.”  Septimus – Verde Valley, AZ

“I  recommend other people to work and pray with James so they can find the upliftment and nourishment of God in their own lives, and get on track  with their purpose.” Lucinda K. – Santa Ynez, CA

“Holy Smokes! James’ guided relaxation session was not of this world. Within 8 minutes my body was tingling and I had a smile that would not quit. It was truly transforming. Thanks James… I am excited for more!”   Chad McMahan – Sedona, AZ

“My  son is usually fidgety and likes to be in constant motion. James showed  him how he could do something easier or faster once he relaxed. One day  after dad came home, my son told him to relax and how that would make  things easier.”  Sybelle – Tucson, AZ

“James has been able to show this typically busy little boy, cooperation, concentration, teamwork, and to rely on his own ability to do what he thinks he can not, through relaxed action and concentration.” Shari –  Tucson, AZ

“James, I am so grateful and thankful for my healing session! I am aware of how content and peaceful I am now! Something big and old got resolved and  healed!” L.A. – Montrose CA

“I recently did James’ sessions and on the third day I had a spiritual experience... I read about it in books and was always jealous that I had not experienced what authors such as Eckart Tolle described in a book of his... What I experienced was a state  of bliss, love and presence that I had not experienced before... I breathed as though breathing for the first time. I also enjoyed your voice on the calls as it was filled with compassion and peace. Thank you for this opportunity to experience what I now believe we are all capable of, true joy.”  Laura Cooper – CA

“I actually noticed ALL THE RESULTS listed on your website in just my first week of sessions! This has been such a blessing that I plan on continuing for months at least. I’m even going to try and talk my mom into this.”  Scott – Sedona, AZ

“I  felt great …the headache and anxiety I was experiencing seemed to disappear. I felt positive. Looking forward to more with you.” Alicia –  Los Angeles, CA

“James’ sessions have really helped me get the day going on a good track. I had a business meeting at 7:30 AM this morning. Later someone told me how  my energy brought our meeting up and that I am a great asset to our group. It felt really good to hear that and to know that I can contribute in a positive and energetic way.” Nick – Idaho

“After 10-15 years of pain my neck is COMPLETELY PAIN FREE and my TMJ is 90% improved without the use of meds of any kind. Truly wonderful! The work  you’ve done is truly amazing and it only took 6, 15 minute remote sessions.” Nancy – Santa Clarita, CA

“Thanks to your sessions there are new things in front of me to explore, to know and to see. Your sessions are bringing me the peace and relaxation  that helps me to conquer today’s challenges.” Teresa – Phoenix, AZ

“I must say that I experienced tremendous healing and release in a relationship... The outcome; deep gratitude. Thanks James!” Michelle C – Pasadena, CA

“James uses the right words, the right imagery, the right communication and avoids all those things that are just fillers and time wasters.” Laurie – Dallas, TX

“After  just three sessions I have no trouble falling asleep and I’m beginning to feel more at ease with myself.”  Karen – Tucson, AZ

“After years of constant pain and arthritis in my fingers they are now much better after just one session. I can even pump gas again!” Lee – Culver City, CA

“Your sessions are better than I had ever expected. This is the longest that my son and I have ever gone without screaming at each other.” Tracy –  Tucson, AZ

“I love the sessions! I have heard from doctors, “oh you are stuck with this pathological disease”… and now I am getting better – stress free days, happy days. Thanks James for dedicating your time to serving so many people.” Kivi – Sedona, AZ

“James’ long-distance relaxation messages were with me in my soul so I was not alone to deal with the fear and loss I was facing… he trusts life and  convinced me to have the same trust.”  Grace – Tokyo

“In the 3 months of training that I completed with James Allen, my health underwent more positive shifts than in any other time of my life. I received wisdom and healing on so many levels that words cannot describe… And on top of the virtual massage, you get help with clarifying your life direction. No massage ever did that for me!”  Jan –  Sedona, AZ

“My daughter’s self esteem is on the rise. She is more at ease with herself and speaks to adults with more confidence.”  Susan – Sedona, AZ

“Before my sessions with James, I honestly thought I would be an insomniac for life. I had somewhat adapted to sleep deprivation and accepted it, because I could still live a productive life during the day. In only three 60 minute sessions, I have gone from 1 hour of sleep per night to 6-8 hours of sleep each night. This is incredible and I’m hooked on change. Sign me up for more!” Chad McMahan – Sedona, AZ

“James’ program has been an integral part of our daughter’s recent growth and improvement. Thank you for offering such a fantastic program as our family is privileged to be a part of it.”  Jennifer – Verde Valley, AZ

“James has been a breath of fresh air in our family. He started with having us create our own vision, our own private movie that we would want to play in our heads and in our reality. His training tools gave us the opportunity to go deeper into ourselves and resolve obstacles between us and our goals.”  Karen – Glendale, CA

“James is a very gifted teacher that can connect you to the Divine and open your heart to the realm of infinite possibilities. His webinars and classes are disarmingly informative, and a few hours of his time never seems like enough. My life, my purpose, my intentions, and all my relationships have changed for the better with his help.” – Stephanie H.  MS, PhD, RYT-500 – Scottsdale, AZ

“James has an amazing smiley energy. His classes are both mind and heart opening. I came out of them with the fundamentals needed for my path to opening up to the highest light and truth. I recommend his classes to anyone starting a journey to higher consciousness.” Denise R.  –  Scottsdale, AZ

“James’ program has been able to show this typically busy little boy how to rely on his own ability to do what he thinks he can not, through relaxed action and concentration.” Shari – Tucson, AZ