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About James


 As a coach, healer, and mentor with greater than 35 years experience, James helps individuals create a fulfilling and meaningful life. No topic or challenge is too big or too small.

James has apprenticed and collaborated with renowned doctors, counselors, therapists, coaches, ministers and spiritual teachers around the world. His results are his credentials and his approach is 100% tailored for each client. James compassionately acknowledges each person’s unique path, conditions, and circumstances.

 Regarding his healing and coaching style, you will find James listening deeply without judgment or condemnation, and speaking plainly while seeing and expecting the best in you. 

 James draws upon his own personal journey of success and tribulation, as well as the success of the thousands of individuals young and old he has personally assisted.  


 James took on the full time study of martial arts at age 20. He then went on teaching martial arts as a 3rd degree black belt for more than 20 years; 14 of those years at the #1 rated school in the U.S. 

 A taste of things James has done (or still doing):

  • Award winning landscape designer and contractor. 
  • Successful studio musician and performer.
  • Owner/chef - Cafe De Paz, New Zealand. 
  • Sushi chef.
  • Nationally awarded dog trainer.
  • Certified healer and healing instructor.
  • Director of a YMCA
  • Extensive work with children and directing children's programs.
  • Founder/owner of Far West Tea Traders


James was troubled as a child and fully admits without the coaching and mentoring he has received, his life would be lost and unfulfilling. He knows from experience that it takes courage to get help from professionals, especially when we are so accustomed to figuring things out on our own. 


 James is experienced defeating darkness and admits his faith is frequently being stretched. Spiritual warfare has become James' main strength out of necessity! He believes we are here to win the war, rise above darkness, claim the promises instead of the curses, and live in victory over the adversary. If he had to be placed into a spiritual or religious category it would be that of a Messianic Gentile.

It is James' greatest pleasure to help you bring forth all that God wants you to be. 

All Glory to God.